Our Founder
Good judgment, instinct and luck when combined with diligence and honesty create the conditions for success.


The story of Mitsis is the story of the chain’s founder, Konstantinos Mitsis. It is a unique story of search, discovery, emotion, and creativity. The story reflects the development of Greek tourism over the last 45 years.

“Good judgement, instinct and luck” when combined “with diligence and honesty” create the conditions for success. Today, the Mitsis business group is active in publishing, textiles, construction, and winemaking. The heart of the enterprise, however, beats in the hospitality and tourism sector.

The Beginning

Konstantinos Mitsis spent his childhood in Athens during the late 1940s, a difficult time in the post-war Greek capital. K. Mitsis grappled with a number of jobs while completing his studies at the First High School of Athens in Plaka, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Athens. There, on the streets of Athens, the restless, creative, young Konstantinos looked and listened, driven by his strong spirit to find an opportunity to start his own business.

At the age of 17, he opened a small textile enterprise. From the very beginning, it was clear that success was likely to continue and in less than ten years, the small textile enterprise grew into three factories producing 130 tonnes of yarn every year and employing over 170 people.

The Hotels

After abandoning his dream of a theatrical career, K. Mitsis faced a choice between the hospitality industry and shipping. He chose the former and in 1978 opened his first hotel, Mitsis Ramira, on the island of Kos. Mitsis Ramira is page one of the Mitsis story, the first milestone which led to the presence of Mitsis in Athens, Crete, Kamena Vourla, Kos and Rhodes.

Each hotel is built differently, each with its own unique character. All follow the same philosophy which governs their operation: “Each guest’s visit must be a total experience, which is achieved by offering quality accommodation, suggestions for activities, impeccable facilities, sophisticated dining and genuine Greek hospitality”.

A traveller throughout the world, K. Mitsis has brought his wide knowledge and pioneering spirit to the creation of the first all-inclusive hotel, Norida in Kos. The world of Greek hospitality is renewed by the introduction of a new model that introduces innovative services and new proposals for exciting activities and culinary delights.

“Everything needs attention, good intentions and concern – guests need care,” K. Mitsis used to note. Knowledgeable, experienced, successful – he was always at the forefront, in the hotels’ reception rooms, greeting Greece’s and hotel’s guests. Today, Mitsis welcomes more than 400,000 visitors every year.


The story of Mitsis reflects the character of a man with vision, a successful businessman who brought to the Greek tourism market his own style.  Gifted with this unique heritage, we keep on building on his remarkable story!