Crete is a charismatic island in the glittering Mediterranean, offering raw beauty sceneries, splendid beaches, incredible landscapes, vibrant cities, coastal and mountainous villages, impressive caves and spectacular once-in-a-lifetime experiences through its unique attractions.


Samaria Gorge

Hiking the 18km-long Samaria Gorge is one of Europe’s longest canyons and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s tentative list. The raw beauty to the canyon, with its soaring cliffs and passageways is a must-do for many visitors to Crete. The hike begins at an elevation of 1230m just south of Omalos at Xyloskalo and ends in the coastal village of Agia Roumeli. The best time for the Samaria hike is in April and May, when wildflowers brighten the trail. Keep your eyes open to see kri-kri, an endangered wild goat.

Dikti Cave

According to the myth, this is the cave where Zeus was born. Worshippers used to come here and bring offerings, such as olive oil, honey, wine, wheat and later was used as a shelter by local shepherds and hunters. Today, the impressive cave is a bespoke attraction, as it is rich in stalagmites and stalactites, creating a memorable experience.