Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission is to stand out as the preferred portfolio of hotels & resorts in Greece offering excellent service, great locations, impeccable facilities, sophisticated dining and a broad spectrum of options, ensuring a flawless hospitality experience for guests, all in a sustainable manner. 

As a trusted partner, visionary sponsor and proud ambassador of Greece, we are ambitious in tackling societal challengers, we invest capital, time and expertise, we enable our employees to volunteer, we support social and environmental initiatives, we think and act local and we care.


As part of our responsible operation, we adopt and implement responsible policies, with a view to minimizing our environmental footprint. We respect, preserve and showcase the valuable natural resources of our destinations, granting future generations their right to an unspoiled natural environment and cultural heritage, as well as the conditions for their own prosperity.

To this end, our products and services are designed to have minimal environmental impact and our supplies are based on locally produced products and raw materials. We apply a comprehensive energy conservation programme, including production of drinking water by the method of reverse osmosis and higher processing sewage plant (100% recycled produced water), electrical installations with energy saving systems (40% reduction in consumption), thermal insulation buildings and recycling of materials. 

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

  • Use of low-consumption light bulbs and energy saving devices.
  • Use of electric golf type cars for our guests and the transportation of goods.
  • Exploitation of mild forms of energy, with a view to reduced oil consumption in hotels.
  • Use of new type air conditioners and heat pumps for cooling and heating.
  • Use of propane to washers and dryers and heat pump in hot water heating, propane in ovens and fireplaces in kitchens.
  • Minimal use of asbestos in the construction of buildings and removal during renovations.
  • Monthly energy consumption recording and recordkeeping.
  • Use of insulating window frames, manufactured with recyclable materials.
  • Classification of hotel complexes and insulating their conduct on energy efficiency class b buildings.

Protection of Water Resources

  • Plants with resistance to drought and minimum watering needs featured in our hotel gardens.
  • Use of automatic watering always at night with the least possible water consumption.
  • Production of drinking water by the method of reverse osmosis, covering our hotels’ overall needs.
  • Operation of higher processing biological station in some hotels.
  • 100% recycling of produced water.
  • Taps and showers with water reducers and dual flush cisterns.
  • Environmentally friendly awareness campaigns for personnel and guests, such as the “wash on demand” system.


  • Selection and supply of certified ecological products for housekeeping, kitchen detergents, dish washers and washing machines.
  • Scrutiny of food raw material receipt by organised F&B section.
  • Daily thorough waste collection with special emphasis on recycling.
  • Monthly chemical and microbiological testing of drinking water.
  • Frequent and thorough cleaning of the filters of our units, air-conditioners and ventilation units.
  • Implementation of three daily inspections and cleaning of swimming pools water by skilled maintenance staff.
  • Daily and frequent cleaning of seashores during the summer months by qualified personnel and with appropriate equipment.

Preservation of Natural Resources

  • Planting of seasonal plants and large turf surfaces to expand the existing natural environment in the Group’s hotels.
  • Absolute respect for the preservation of the region’s wealth and population in the hundreds of birds that enjoy the flora of our Hotels.
  • Supply of local certified goods, seasonal products, less meat products and a ban on the supply of products derived from endangered fish, seafood, or other species.

Recycling and Composting

We implement a comprehensive recycling programme for paper and packaging materials, glass, plastic, aluminium, electric appliances, biowaste, used oils, soaps, inks and toners, in cooperation with certified suppliers. We have started replacing plastic straws with biodegradable ones and special recycling bins are installed throughout the length of our beaches, while our guests are urged to participate in our recycling efforts.

The results of our efforts are granted back to the local communities that foster our growth, according to their unique needs. For our advanced practices, all of our 17 hotels and resorts have been awarded with the “Green Key” & Travelife Gold Certification, quality eco-labels for tourism.


Our progress is coupled with the development of the societies that nurture us. We support and cooperate with local enterprises, the regional communities and their residents with a view to protecting local culture, customs and traditions, enhancing their spiritual, social and cultural advancement and ensuring their overall prosperity.


A top priority of our operation is to contribute to the preservation of social coherence. Protecting the health and safety of our employees and guests is of outmost importance to us and our hotels and we have established thorough processes and systematic inspections to this end. The Group encourages a culture of mutual trust and constructive cooperation in its corporate relations, in accordance with the business code of ethics and the country’s legal provisions.


The Mitsis Group supports and urges its employees, partners and brand ambassadors to actively participate in volunteer activities contributing to the wellness of society. We undertake sponsorships in social care institutions concerning food, clothing and furnishings according to their occasional needs. Finally, the establishment of the Blood Donor Volunteer Association “Mitsis Group pf Companies” with the collective participation of Mitsis employees aspires to make a valuable contribution to the wider community.

For its remarkable performance, Mitsis hotels has been awarded several prizes by local and international tour operators and travel organisations in recognition of the high quality of the services provided, its contribution to upgrading local tourism and its respect for the environment.


At Mitsis Hotels, we are committed to developing a series of policies to conduct all of our business activities with respect, care and professionalism.